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Patricia’s Story

First of all I would like to thank the staff at True for nominating me Member of the month! And not to mention for the lovely flowers! I started my journey with True late last, through the recommendation of a friend, and I have never looked back. I’ve always been active with sports and so considered myself, ‘fit,’ but boy did that change after taking part in Tribe Fit and the 8 Week Challenge. Not only did they leave me gasping for air and aching all over but they also helped me realize my fitness potential. The programs I participated in did hurt like hell but I could feel myself changing…I was changing for the better and I loved it. These changes gave me the confidence to take part in events that I never thought I’d complete…such as the Kaimai Goat and the 100km walk. I plan to continue on participating in running events even though; ‘running’ isn’t necessarily my thing. I am slowly learning to love to run and I thank the trainers for their words of wisdom with regards to this as it has truly helped with my confidence in running – running (he) and I will learn to love each other one day lol.

The staff here at True are amazing. I have had the privilege of meeting, training with them ALL. They are truly there to help you reach your goals and then some. I love how they tell it like it is! There are no short cuts in getting fit and healthy, you just ‘gotta get your ass into gear and keep peddling’. 🙂 I have a gym membership at another ladies gym (this was before I discovered True) but I prefer coming to True…it is a lot further for me to walk to but it is totally worth it…yup I don’t drive. I love the atmosphere here it’s my home away from home. I honestly wish I knew of True before joining that other gym…It sucks but eh…you live and you learn.

I have encountered many amazing and inspirational women here at the gym. Their stories and determination has inspired me to be the best I can be both physically and mentally. I have made lifelong friendships here at the gym and for that I am grateful. I don’t know what else to say but thank you to everyone at True for helping me on my journey to lead a better, HEALTHIER life. I can’t thank you ALL enough for what you have done for me…words can not express my gratitude, so this short thank you story will have to suffice!

Kia Ora,
Trisha Leilei


Deborah & Laura’s Story

Our Journey…Our Journey started like everyone else’s. We were unhappy with ourselves. We both had the same feeling of disappointment and anger towards ourselves as to what we had become.We both decided it was time for a change, so we can feel confident and happy with who we were. We have pushed and helped each other to the best we could. We are now more than half way towards our goals.

But it wasn’t just us that helped us achieve our goals, it was the staff too. They made us feel welcome and made the gym feel like a great place to come to. Also to Sheree who gave us the motivation to push ourselves.

When we first came here I (Laura) was 86kgs, I have lost 15kgs. And my mum (Deborah) was 104kgs and has lost 8kgs. We couldn’t be happier with what we have achieved from joining True Woman’s Fitness and Well-Being.

Deborah & Laura


Debbie’s Story

Thank you to the staff at True for nominating me Member of the Month and for the lovely flowers.I have been with True for a very, very long time. My daughter Erica was a baby when I first joined and she is now 19 years old and also a member of this gym, along with my mum who joined last year.The gym is a big part of my life as there is heart disease in my family, I want to keep fit and healthy for as long as possible to be a good role model for my children.The staff at True are the greatest. Always supportive and willing to help. Sheree Stoneham has been my trainer for a very long time. She has been my inspiration throughout my journey here at True. She has helped me meet my goals and given me the necessary tools to keep going and pushing the boundaries. The biggest thank you goes out to Sheree.I am also into my 5th week of Tribe LIFE and enjoying it very much. The exercises are challenging and the variety of different workouts make Tribe LIFE a very interesting way of training.Along with a friendly atmosphere at True, I look forward to my workouts. I am sure all the members here agree it is a good way to relieve stress and you always feel better afterwards!

Debbie Ullrich

Jean’s Story

Member of the Month true Women's Fitness and Well-BeingI have always tried to maintain a reasonable level of fitness, initially playing sports.  I started attending a gym in my mid 30ties, there were no women’s gym’s back then.  I have been a member of this gym for a long time, realising the importance of keeping fit because of heart decease in my family.

Recently I had experienced some discomfort in my upper body and in my left arm.  I went and had the normal tests done for heart conditions but these came back normal so my doctor referred me to the hospital.  When I did a treadmill test the technicians could not believe the results of this little old lady, I lasted on the treadmill for a full ten minutes when the technicians decided to switch it off.  Unfortunately I experienced the discomfort again and went to the hospital.  The same tests were carried out and came back normal again.  The cardiac team decided to carry out an angiogram test looking for blockages in my arteries.  The results of this test were amazing very healthy pink and wide arteries, all down to keeping fit and eating a (reasonably) healthy diet.  (Can’t do without my chocolate).

I do have an enlarged heart due to a virus infection so my heart is not working as well as it should but I am here to tell the tale because of my fitness level.  I have Karen and Sheree and past trainers to thank for their encouragement and support throughout my years attending the gym.

Ngarui’s Story
member of the Month Oct '12You are Worth It!First I want to say a big THANK YOU to the staff at True, for nominating me. I am really humbled and glad that I made it on the wall :)I’ve been a member on and off at True for the last few years, and became serious about my health in January this year when I quit smoking. My quest for life started in March 2012, where I weighed a generous92-94kgs and at 166cms tall. When I first started off it felt impossible to even imagine that I could ever look like the above. However I could imagine myself coming to classes regularly, of one day flying over the step box, jump kicking high enough to touch the roof (hahaha). So I planned my days around favorite classes, set some small weight loss goals, and linked up with the fantastic personal trainer Sheree who encouraged my eating with a healthy plan. It wasn’t a diet, but a lifestyle change. I called this a quest because it is hard, and takes a lot of hard work. I’ve shed blood, sweat, tears, guts, all of it. There were days where I just wanted to cry (or I did! haha) and give up completely, because it was so hard. I will probably have a few more days like that. It isn’t easy, and just like my sweaty picture above, it sure isn’t pretty. But coming out the other end, transformed into a new person, it’s totally worth it. Training is better and way more fun, I can fit smaller clothes, my confidence has gone up, getting more attention from guys… IT’S SO WORTH IT! The pain is just a distant memory.When you’re around so manylike minded women and awesome staff at True, who have had similar stories or have achieved their own goals, that in itself made me determined to achieve my own dreams. The gym is my playground, and all you ladies are my friends (hahahaha). Seriously though I treated the gym as something fun, so that I would learn to enjoy it. Now I’m at a point where I love it, and can’t go without. I’ve got to breathe. I’ve got to eat. And I have got to train.Each to their own though, one size doesn’t fit all. So my encouragement is go at your own pace, find what works for you. Do it for yourself because you deserve it. Give it heaps and always (always) be true to yourself. “You deserve your dreams… don’t give up on them so easily” (Sheree Stoneham, 2012).
Ngarui Pasene xx

Laura’s Story
Member of the Month at True Women's Fitness and Well-BeingWow, Thank you so so much for making me member of the month and for my beautiful bunch of flowers, it was such a wonderful surprise and it made my day.
For as long as I can remember I’ve had an on and off love/hate relationship with gym’s and exercise. At my heaviest I weighed 115kgs and approximately four years ago I lost 23 kgs. I managed to maintain that loss for a few years but as soon as I stopped going to the gym and started working old habits started to rear their ugly heads. I began finding excuses to justify why I couldn’t exercise and was eating unhealthy food- “I get enough exercise at work, I’m too tired, I can’t be bothered cooking, I don’t have enough time” and the list goes on. Before I knew it I was 10kgs heavier. The thing I noticed the most that had changed was my energy levels; both physically and mentally I noticed a big drop. I was beginning to feel stressed, depressed and lacking confidence in myself. It was only when I found myself thinking “I’m so tired of being tired” that I managed to muster the motivation to do something about it.
A couple of friends of mine go to ‘True’ and suggested I give it a go. Initially I was hesitant as it was a women’s only gym and it would be the third gym I had signed up to in the last two years; But I thought why not, apart from the 10kgs (and then some) I’ve got nothing to lose and I’ve not looked back since.
The whole atmosphere at ‘True’ is so different to other gyms I’ve been to. Right from the start the staff welcomes you with open arms. They are friendly, caring, knowledgeable and supportive. I’ve never felt like just a number as I have at previous establishments. Even the members appear relaxed (well as relaxed as you can be at a gym) and also supportive and friendly.
I joined ‘True’ in April and have been getting weekly PT sessions with Frances since June. These sessions with her have been absolutely invaluable with her support, guidance and motivation. I have so far lost the 10kgs I had originally put on. I enjoy the challenges she sets for me through my PT sessions and programme. As we know the scales don’t move as much as we like
sometimes or it feels like it takes forever for them to budge. Having that instant sense of achievement and having someone encourage me has kept me on track for the most part. I’ve still got a fair bit of weight to lose to be healthy but I’m feeling fitter and stronger. Most importantly my priorities have changed and I make time for exercise. If I’m having a particularly stressful shift at work my first thought is I can’t wait to smash it out at the gym, Makes a big change from devouring a block of chocolate. The only way from here now is forward and with the continuing support I’ve been getting from family, friends and the ladies at ‘True’ I’m sure I’ll get there in no time.
Laura Cassidy


Rangi’s Story
July member of the monthFirst of all thank you heaps for the beautiful flowers and also for making me member of the month.
I was very surprised to be chosen but appreciate it very much.I am so pleased I made the decision to come here, for it has given me so much to look forward to in the way of fitness and weight loss. Not to mention the staff here who are so professional and caring. You get great value for your money plus support and advice from your trainer which makes coming here all the worthwhile.The last gym I went to was just a ‘gym’ no structure in the place at all, I felt like I was going no-where. Here!!! I know good things have happened and I thank you the staff of True Women’s Fitness and Well being for your help.

Rangi Faaui

Wendy’s Story

True testimonialThank you for the glorious flowers, [TRUE], what a treat!

I love being a member of [TRUE]. From the moment you come through the door you are greeted with warmth and cheerfulness. Nothing is too much trouble. All the staff are amazing – what an outstanding team! I joined [TRUE] after a recommendation from my Chiropractor’s mother –she is a member and couldn’t speak more highly of the care and support she has received. After sitting in an office for ‘many many’ years I was very keen, on retirement, to improve my fitness and so when an injury caused me to visit my chiropractor, and he suggested [TRUE], it all seemed like it was meant to be. I know when I had my first assessment with Sheree I was desperately in need of help! Not only with fitness but with my general well-being. My self-esteem was really low and I didn’t realise until then what joining [TRUE] would do

for me not only physically but with my approach to life. Thank you Sheree for your on-going care of me. I still have a long way to go and ‘life in general’ interrupts my fitness plans from time to time but I always feel so much better when I have been to the gym, even if I don’t manage a full workout, as long as I do part of it. I want to thank the other [TRUE] members as they have all been so friendly and supportive of me. I feel we are very fortunate to have such a well-run and professional gym as well as being always made to feel ‘comfortable’ with ourselves whatever our abilities.

Wendy Bourke

Oli’s Story

True testimonialYes, ten months ago that is how much I weighed.  That number will forever be etched in my mind, because it took me to weigh in at 163.8kg’s before I got my fat behind to the gym! When I finally started looking around for a gym, my close friend told me to join [TRUE].  I was a bit sceptical because I live out in Mangere Bridge and there was a gym not too far away, I thought about the petrol I would waste and the extra time I could spend with my children instead of travelling to Manukau. Out of all the decisions I have made in my life, this was one of the best!

At the moment I weigh 122kg’s.  It hasn’t been the easiest journey and I still struggle with motivation and my food (who doesn’t?!). My aim is to get to double digits, and with [TRUE] help I know I can. I would like to thank everyone at [TRUE] especially Karen and Ange who have been a great support during the Biggest Loser Program which I have been on for the last 8 weeks. Sheree has also been a huge inspiration to me and helped me from day one.

Thanks again [TRUE], you’re all awesome! DOUBLE DEEE’S FOR LIFE!!

Oliana Eniata

Emi Leituvae

True testimonialIn February I joined the gym because I was sooo not loving myself, I was overweight weighing in at 124 kilos and classed morbidly obese by my doctor. Physically and mentally I knew I was over weight but remained in denial and almost always avoided the scales because that’s what made me comfortable. My eating habits were out of control I was eating a 3 pack of almond gold each day, and I felt like I had to finish all the food prepared for dinner so it doesn’t go to waste. The day I joined I felt an immense fear I don’t know what it was, whether it was worrying about people judging me because I’m so big or was it my fear of actually committing to something and not knowing what challenges lie ahead. That was it, not knowing whether I’d succeed and what type of struggle am I putting myself through.

At the beginning of my journey it was all about changing my minds old habits. Training myself to eat smaller portions, eat the right types of food and focus my mind so it could push my body to exercise daily. It wasn’t easy but nothings ever easy at the start. I love doing something for myself, my confidence has increased and I’m actually surprised by myself for wanting to join all those marathon challenges. However, this is not my journey alone I have motivated my family to get healthier which is encouraging for me.

Three months on I now weigh 104 kgs so I’ve lost 20 kilos and I feel my journey has just begun.

Thank you to my family for their awesome support. Thank you to the [TRUE] team for your inspiration, support, motivation and awesome classes.


Tanya Crompton

True testimonial

Yahoo, I love the flowers and was happy and surprised when I arrived at reception to find I had won member of the month. It’s been a long road getting back into exercise, but like so many other woman at the gym I feel so much better for it. We all have that moment in life, when we know that we have to make a change and as everyone knows changing behaviour is hard. What was that point for me? Someone asked me if I was going to be honest about the real reason I started at [TRUE]. Well here it is.

I knew I had to do something after a number of people at work asked me if I was pregnant!!!! Not a great question for any woman, particularly when you are not and in fact your ovaries are well past their use by date. I replied “no I’m not, I’m just fat” That forced me to take a ‘good look at myself’, as uncomfortable as it was, and think- I don’t like the question, why are they asking it and what am I prepared to do about it?It had taken 10 long years to get where I was. From being a competitive sports woman to becoming a couch sloth I had perfected the art of procrastination. My excuses included- I need to study to get through medical school, I have an assignment, I have no time, I’m too tired from work, too many family commitments, the weather, there’s a really good programme on TV- any excuse, I would find it. At work I had to start looking at myself and my own attitude- I work with others to improve health and well being and to rehabilitate. I wasn’t exactly the best role model. Talk is cheap and I decided if I wanted to be professionally credible I need to start to ‘walk the walk’.I decided to try [TRUE]. I loved it form the minute I walked in the door, as hard as it was. Why? Friendly approachable staff who get to know you. The BEST inspirational trainers/instructors I have ever met. Women from all walks of life, all shapes, all sized, who are here to primarily improve their health and well being. A gym full of inspirational woman who are all trying to better themselves to achieve their own individual goals.  It was really hard to start. I was unfit but reasonably motivated. I decided from the beginning to have a trainer to keep me in line. Karen has been fantastic. She has made a real difference. She has made me commit to regular training sessions and works with me towards my sometimes unusual goals. She pushes me to try that little bit harder and doesn’t listen to my excuses, which is exactly what I need. I would recommend a personal trainer for anyone serious about changing your life and behaviour. Due to my ability for making excuses, classes have also been a good option. High energy instructors, giving 100%+ every class can’t help but inspire and motivate those of us who like the back row!! For the instructors, a huge thank you as well. [TRUE] has become part of my daily routine. My family understand that it is a little part of the day which is ‘me’ time. Time where I don’t have to worry about work, I don’t have to worry about what is or isn’t happening at home and all the other things that go on in a busy day.

Vicky Smith

True testimonialWOW member of the month…. for a gym!…………..If anyone had of told me this two years ago I would have laughed at them whilst sucking back a cheeseburger, 2 ltrs of  fizzy drink and then complained because I just couldn’t understand how I had managed to gain soo much weight! Like everyone else I have a very tense relationship with my scales and waistline. Up until recently my idea of dieting was to skip meals or replace a meal with a coffee! After having my daughter I realised that unless I wanted her to grow up with the same attitude towards her health I needed to make some changes. And what better way to teach a child how to live a healthy lifestyle than to do so yourself! I made changes to our diet which included ………. Wait for it ……….. Fresh vegetables and meat instead of fast food… I know amazing huh. After much consideration (or procrastination) I joined [TRUE] – for the second time! I then discovered Nicki’s Wednesday night torture (Ops I mean PT), lunchtime classes and RPM – surprisingly I was hooked! So after almost twelve months of this craziness I have managed to loose 15kgs and three dress sizes, I no longer reach for a chocolate bar to fill my empty tummy (ok sometimes I do!), I have managed to overcome a two-year battle with postnatal depression. So all in all I’m doing ok, thanks to the ongoing support of the team and members at [TRUE]– and Nicki for kicking my butt each week!!



Disclaimer: Results vary from person to person.

The amount of motivation, energy, fitness or weight loss you can expect to achieve depends on many factors. These include, among other things; your expectations of success, your determination and whether you follow our advice.

The amount of success you gain from being a member at True Women’s Fitness and Well-Being is a direct product of how much effort you put in.

At the times of writing, these clients had a great deal of intrinsic motivation. They knew that the time was right in their lives to makes changes. The motivation they had come from themselves, we were just the facilitator that helped them to do the work they needed to do.

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