Here we go again !

We hope you are all coping ok with the latest restrictions, stay positive and hopefully it will only be a short term lockdown this time around.

Regards our members payments, we have put all of your accounts on hold as of yesterday. So you do not need to worry about your payments being deducted during this time. We will take all accounts off hold once we return to level 2 as per the last two lockdowns we have had. Any questions email (please note due to staff not being onsite this is checked periodically and may be a delay in responding)

Online Training 
We have Sheree and Sala doing online Grit classes at 8am Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday during lockdown, we hope you can jump on and join in 😄

We have also reactivated all those who had access to Herfit from our last lockdown so again, please feel free to utilise this to stay active.

Once we have more information from the government regarding coming out of lockdown or an extension we will provide further updates.

Thanks so much for all of your support, we appreciate our beautiful community of ladies.