Why True? What does it stand for?

True Woman’s Fitness and Well-Being is the product of Andrea and Brendan’s experience and vision along with the skills, expertise and experience of the True staff. Many of the core staff that are with us now, were with us before we were True (when we were Contours Manukau) and they have helped to build the principles and foundations of True.

1. Be True to yourself

If you’re ready, really ready to make changes in your life, you owe it to yourself to give it the best shot you possibly can. Know yourself, know what you want and stick fearlessly to your goals and ambitions. It maybe hard, it may be uncomfortable, you may become despondent and feel like giving up, but you need to keep on ‘keeping on’. You owe it to yourself to give this a really, truly, honest to God, awesome shot. A bit of belief in yourself will go a long way.

2. Be True to your trainers

Each visit, each interaction with your trainer is designed to help you get the best from the time and energy you put in. In other words, if your trainer says it….do it! And keep doing it. Your trainer has faith in you, the team behind the desk has faith in you, the group fitness instructors and the Small-group team trainers all have faith in you! Remember, they are the experts, do what they tell you and you will succeed.

3. Be True to your program

We’ve designed a program and service offering that is completely, without a doubt customisable to you. It can be changed and shaped to suit your goals and routines. We’ve gone out of our way to provide variety and options. We recognise that one size definitely does not fit all. All you have to do is keep trying until it “clicks”.Be True to yourself, your trainer and your program. Tick these 3 boxes and we’ll give you every tool you need to succeed.
Thank you to the Team at True for member of the month, I did not expect it. I have been a member here for about 5 months now. Being a true member to me means enjoying workouts with like minded ladies and getting that positive energy from each other. What motivates me to come gym regularly is just to be healthy and feel good about myself. My Favourite true class would have to be GRIT and Body Combat. I really enjoy these classes. Tip to any new beginners from me would be try different classes to find what you enjoy x

Jesy Griffin

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