Weight Loss Winners

Supercharge your weight loss

Supercharge your weight loss



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Weight loss winners is a  fun weight loss game we’re holding here at True Women’s Fitness and Well-Being, Manukau. You don’t have to be a member to play!

We’ve set the weight loss target at an achievable 4%, we hope that this small target will inspire you to achieve success before Christmas. We promote safe and sustainable weight loss, please note that there are no prizes for losing more than your 4% – generally if you are losing more than 4% in 4 weeks – you are losing too quickly and run a very high risk of putting the 4% back on again – plus more!

Most people (with exception of very lean people) would benefit from losing a couple of extra kilos.  Cutting down fried, processed and junk foods and adding more vegetable to your diet is probably the easiest and simplest way to do this.

Please note that we said “cutting down” not “cutting out” – We don’t expect that you live only on carrot sticks and celery – that is not sustainable! But, we believe that everyone would benefit from eating more ‘cleanly’. For more nutritional information please see your trainer.

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