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    True Wishes Fancy Dress Party

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[h2]Fancy Dress Party – 1st of Sept[/h2]

This September 1st we’re celebrating the launch of True Women’s Fitness and Well-being. Does anyone remember the Pink Party back in 2010? We had a big pink party (as the name suggests) in aid of Breast Cancer awareness, we moved all of the gear off the gym floor, we had a stage with a DJ and lights and all the razzamattazz….

This time we’re having an even bigger party to celebrate – everything!…the opening of True, the new group fitness release,  the fact that we’re all here…alive and well, moving onwards and upwards. It’ll be a celebration of all the good things that happen, so …general good times really!! Is there any better reason to have a party?

So how does it all work?

True Wishes Fancy Dress Party - 1st SeptDuring the week leading up to the 1st of Sept we’ll have our members group fitness launch. During the last launch the feedback was that members generally liked to have the new group fitness classes spread over a week. This meant that people were able to try out all the new classes during the week and not miss any out because of  commitments on Saturday. So we’ll do the same this time, any friends that want to come with you can also have a  free class pass for the week.

Then on Saturday 1st we’ll move all the gear of the gym floor, we’ll set up the stage and lights and turn the area into a huge party zone. In the morning we’ll do a combat class plus maybe another …possibly attack? For these classes anyone can come in. So this means friends, husbands, partners, kids…anyone really that wants to give it a go. 

In the evening we’ll be making our wishes come true and dressing up all fancy! We’ll have a massive fancy dress party, a DJ supplying all the party tunes, nibbles laid on and a cash bar.

So dress up your partner, your friends, your work colleagues and get along to True Wishes on September 1st. Of course there will be a prize for best dressed!

Tickets are $10 each and are available from reception.

Get your thinking caps on – the theme is…. “If you had one wish, who would you transform into for one night?” (you’ve got a month to figure it out!)