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    True Releases A Weight Loss and Management Program



True Releases A Weight Loss and Management Program

Late in 2013 True Women’s Fitness and Well-Being held an 8 week weight loss challenge. There’s nothing new or special about that, all gyms do this kind of thing. However, the exciting thing for True was the results that members gained from the challenge.


Of the 30 participants, 28 finished and of those the average loss was 5.9kgs. “While these stats are great” says Claire, owner of True, “the exciting thing is that we structured the nutrition component of the challenge so that our members would be able to lose weight and most importantly maintain their weight loss afterwards. And having collected feedback after the Christmas period, the vast majority have maintained! This is a huge achievement over a time of year that many many ladies around NZ gain a lot of weight”, Claire continues.


Over the course of 2013 the team at True worked hard to formulate their nutrition program so that it was ready in time for the challenge. “We took the basics of a healthy diet, great nutrition and wrapped a layer of accountability around it” says Nikks Harris the course director.


Course leader, Nikks led weekly discussions about food choices, answering questions and giving examples. She led the participants to make their own informed choices around food and nutrition. “We set out to provide tools to all the ladies, so that they were better equipped to avoid the yo-yo diet trap that we see all too often”, says Nikks who is a personal trainer here at True who also specialises in nutrition and is currently finishing papers in advanced nutrition.


“After the 8 weeks was up we asked all the participants for their feedback and suggestions, and we knew we were on the right track with the feedback we received”, says Claire.


Participant and member of True Michal Alexander said this about the program “Food groups and portion sizes were clearly explained. I think after 8 weeks following the guidelines and hearing the advice, participants will be well set to make better nutrition part of everyday life”. Another participant and gym member Melissa Graham said this “This system is simple and easy. It was easy to follow and adapt to without making major changes. I felt I was eating enough to feel full yet the results happened!”


Claire continues “As well as all the great feedback, we received some very constructive criticism and with this we’ve been able to upgrade and improve the program. We’ve added more examples of great eating, as this was a common theme, we’ve made the groups smaller and added more workshop style interaction.”


True is pleased to announce that the new and upgraded nutrition component of the challenge is now a stand alone service called “True Nutrition”. It’s a 6 week program that focuses solely on teaching their client the nuts and bolts of weight loss and maintaining that weight.

The program rolls out on February the 17th and costs $110 for members or $240 for non-members


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