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[h3 fancy=”true”]Thanks for registering for your 2 Week Trial[/h3]

Thanks for registering for a 2 week trial here at True. You’ve made a great decision by trying us out first. We look forward to helping you figure out that we are the right gym for you.



[h4 fancy=”true”]Don’t forget![/h4]

Included in your trial:

  1. Our Les Mills group fitness classes. These are free for members (RPM not included)
  2. A 1/2 hr visit with a trainer. This 1/2 hour session will include a short health check. It will also include the basis of your exercise and wellness program. Plus your trainer will show you how to use your basic program and all the necessary equipment.



[h4 fancy=”true”]What next?[/h4]

This 2 week trial is the beginning of your journey to fitness and well-being, please use it to it’s fullest! You will soon get a call from Claire to get you started on your trial.

In the mean time please browse our Services page. We pride ourselves on providing the most comprehensive suite of services of any women’s only gym in New Zealand.