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Study into exercise adherence

Tamasin Taylor

Tamasin Taylor is a student at the University of Auckland. She is studying for her Ph.D in Health Psychology. To complete the requirements for her Ph.D she is undertaking a study into the factors influencing physical activity goals in our gym members.

The study will take the form of an on-line questionnaire. Tamasin will be asking various questions about current and past physical activity and other health and wellness related factors. The questions are non-invasive and general, and the results of the questionnaire will be completely anonymous.

Here at True we’ve teamed up with Tamasin to help her with her studies, but also because she’ll be feeding back a summary of the results to us (she wont be feeding back any specific details as the study is anonymous).

We’ll use this summary to see how we can improve the service we provide to our members.




We will be releasing the results soon! Thanks you to all who participated.


[h2 fancy=”true”]Some FAQs[/h2]

Whats involved?

There’s an online questionnaire that’ll take about 20 minutes to complete. Then there’s another short follow-up questionnaire 2 weeks later.

Who’s got access to the info?

Only Tamasin and her co-investigator Prof. Glynn Owens. During the reporting of the findings your results will be completely un-identifiable.

Who’s making sure that the study is being done ethically, responsibly and professionally?

The University of Auckland Human Participants Ethics Committee. Tel 09 373-7599 extn. 83711

Does the gym get the info back?

No. The gym will receive a summary of the findings described in percentages and averages only. There will be no way to identify your data.

How will the gym use the info?

The findings will help us understand how and why our clients set goals for themselves. The information will help us to improve the level of support that we are able to provide to our members.

We can write programs and give nutrition advice, but we want to help our clients by providing education and better strategies for setting and achieving goals.

What other info is required?

The investigators will require the gym to provide details of your visits to the gym during the 2 week period between your 2 online questionnaires. This will be the number of times you visited the gym between the first and second questionnaire.

Please be aware that the gym will not be passing any other data about you to the investigators.

Why would I bother?

  • You’ll be helping Tamasin to complete her Ph.D.
  • You’ll be helping the gym to understand more about human nature. This will allow us to improve the services we provide to all our members.
  • You’ll be taking part in a world-class study that will be adding to the body of knowledge that already exists around exercise adherence and exercise behavior.
  • You’ll receive a summary of the findings and you’ll learn a bit more about your fellow humans.
  • You’ll learn a little about yourself.
  • PLUS – Win 1 of 4 $50 Gift Vouchers and you could be eligible to receive 1 of 5 double movie tickets.

I have more questions! Who can I ask?

Email: Tamasin Taylor the main investigator

Email: Claire – Owner of True Women’s Fitness and Well-Being