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    Are you struggling with your weight loss?



Are you struggling with your weight loss?

Is your mindset and the way you think about food sabotaging your weight loss? If it is we can help, in ways you’ve never considered before!

Our upcoming seminar and workshops can help you, read on to find out more

“I need to lose weight so I’ve just started the lemon-detox diet!”, “There’s this new drink out that helps you lose weight, I’m going to try it”, or “I’ve tried so many times to lose weight, I lose it, but I just can’t keep it off” – If we had a dollar for everytime we heard comments like this, we’d be millionaires!

We’ve seen these same patterns over and over again. Clients who want to lose weight, who start with a hiss and roar, go hard for 2 months only to fall off the wagon disheartened. Or, they succeed in losing weight through starvation or fad diets, stop the regime, fall off the wagon then  put all the weight  back on, plus more.

For many years at True, we’ve recognised this behaviour. We’ve taught our clients about exercise, how to work out, the nuts and bolts stuff, but for a long time we were at a loss as to why more people did not succeed with their weight loss goals. What went hand in hand with this was the fact that many clients had a very unhealthy relationship with food….”Oh, I can eat this, it’s a ‘good’ food”, “I’m not allowed that, it’s off my menu”, and “carbs are bad!” they would say. It seemed all they talked about was food, they would obsess over every little thing yet the same people would struggle over and over with losing the weight.

We realised some time ago that the issues our clients faced were all around mindset. The way they viewed food and the way they viewed themselves was letting them down every time.

Certainly, we could prescribe an exercise solution or a dietary solution, but neither of these things help with the underlying factors that prevent people from succeeding. To help our clients and members, we needed help ourselves.

Last year we met up with Dr. Jutta Humpfer, who has a special interest in the psychology of weight loss. Jutta developed her interest over the last few years, while training in a new therapy called Acceptance and Commitment Therapy – in short ACT.  Jutta did several training seminars with international trainers from Scandinavia, America and Australia.

ACT is used not only for psychological treatment purposes but has also proven highly valuable for life coaching and helping people to lose weight, maintain a healthy weight and stay fit. You could think of it as a ‘personal training’ for your brain.

ACT is easy to put into action and can be delivered in informal and relaxed group settings. True has now teamed up with Jutta to bring ACT for weight loss and motivation to clients and members in the form of seminars and weekly workshops. (Of course, for those worried about privacy or needing extra help, ACT can be delivered in a one-on-one environment as well).  It is important to note that the  seminars and sessions here at True are educational and not psychological therapy sessions.

Being able to deliver a service like this is a ground-breaking step for us. In February we are launching the “Escape Your Weight” program and we invite every member who is struggling or has struggled with weight loss, yo-yo dieting or a poor relationship with food to find out more.

Last week we asked this question “If we could help with any of these things, what’s most important to you right now….? From over 200 responses the most common answer by far was “How to resist cravings and overeating”.

We are pleased to offer an introductory seminar on this subject. The seminar will introduce Dr. Jutta and ACT, and will deliver the best tools possible for anyone trying to resist culinary temptations.

The seminar will be held at the gym on 10th Feb at 6:45pm. There will be limited spaces and the cost is $10 for members and $20 for non-members. Please reserve your seat early.

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