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Resources and Tools

Resources at True Women's Fitness and Well-Being We will keep a library of interesting and useful tools and resources here for you to use. This list will continue to grow and will hopefully become the most valuable part of this website for you. As we add more services, we will develop tools that will help you to make healthy living an exciting and invigorating journey.

Please visit this page regularly and download the pdfs.

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Gym Resources

Download a Gym Floor Food Diary

Download a Group Fit Timetable

Working Out to Intensity, Why it Matters, And How It’s Measured



Background into where New Zealand sits in terms of obesity, physical activity and the fitness industry (Sept ’13)

Sleep Hygiene: Tips to help get a good nights sleep

Optimism and the Power of Positive Thinking

Stop Dieting and Start Living!

7 Simple Ways to Reclaim an Hour a Day

Exercising when sick

Stop Feeling Guilty about Every Mistake



26 Ways to Get Back On Track NOW

How to: Plan today to succeed tomorrow

10 ways to find time for exercise


Food and Nutrition

How to manage “Cheat Days” when trying to lose weight

Weight Loss Winners

Energy Balls

Honey Banana Booster Bar

15 ways to beat emotional eating

Ugly truths about White Flour and Refined White Flour


Mindset Tools

Bold Skills

Use this mindfullness tool to understand and prevent your food cravings. Play this audio and download the pdf to practice your BOLD Skills

Bold Skills – Bold Skills – Click to Download