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    Personal Trainers

[h2 fancy=”true”]What is Personal Training?[/h2]
An interactive training session where you and your personal trainer will work actively towards your goals on a regular basis.

[h2 fancy=”true”]Who is it for?[/h2]

Anyone who needs – motivation – accountability – some-one to show them the way – someone to show them perfect technique – anyone with specific injuries or health complications – anyone training for a specific fitness goal.

[h2 fancy=”true”]How do I start?[/h2]
By speaking to one of the girls on staff. They will be more than happy to have a sit down with you and a chat about your goals & ambitions.

[h2 fancy=”true”]When is it on?[/h2]
Because the sessions are one-on-one you choose a time that suits you.

[h2 fancy=”true”]I have injuries can I still personal train & do rehabilitation work?[/h2]

Yes, Definitely
Your personal trainer will be working with you (and your health care provider if you’ve got one) to make sure you are doing the correct exercises to make you fitter and stronger.

[h2 fancy=”true”]Can I train with a friend?[/h2]

Yes!! We do also have group training options available, for more info please chat to a staff member.

[h2 fancy=”true”]Am I fit enough?[/h2]

Training sessions are tailored specifically to your fitness level. Remember we must all start somewhere.

[h2 fancy=”true”]How is this different to the visits I get included in my membership?[/h2]

Your trainer will serve as a coach, teacher and motivator. You will see them on a regular basis which means they will push you to go beyond your limitations and you will become a self motivator.
Your sessions will be fun, challenging and most importantly,  specific to your needs.