Outdoor Training Wrap Up

Firstly – a MASSIVE well done to the winners of our outdoor training session on Sunday morning (everyone who took part was a winner of course, so the team who collected the most points ….was….) TEAM SQ (990 points). Well done guys, you’ve been to all the training sessions so far and it’s great to see your hard work pay off!! Good WORK!!

Congrats also to our second and third placers “The Injure”‘ (940 points – we should have probably given you extra points for the name, LOL) and noobies to outdoor training – ‘The Green Team’ (a great effort with – 920 points). Also, we have to say well done to all the new faces that came along to “give it a go”….good on you for trying something a bit different on your Sunday morning.

We couldn’t have asked for a nicer morning, the sun was up early and it was a perfect morning for a walk (or run) around Manukau. The various course choices took the competitors through Hyman park, then along Great South rd as far as Puhinui, with some teams venturing as far as Sunnydale Domain in Papatoetoe. At it’s longest, the route was 10kms, but as per normal teams could choose to go as far as they felt comfortable. Some teams even ventured into Bunnings to collect a tricky checkpoint that actually required them to ask a shop assistant for the answer (it was $1485 BTW)….just like our own little “Great Race”.

All went generally well, but there was a bit of confusion about some of the answers….Alan takes full responsibility for this and assures us that he’s learned his lesson! In future all questions and answers will be ultra-clear, and not so cryptic.

For anyone interested there were 44 ANZ logos and anywhere between 6 and 37 sets of traffic lights – depending on what you think one “set” of traffic lights is…

We won’t be running our own outdoor training session in September as there are some “official” events coming up. We suggest that anyone who enjoyed the outdoor training that we’ve run will absolutely love this …. http://www.lacticturkey.co.nz/Rogaines.htm. It’s a rogaine run by Lactic Turkey in Riverhead. You can choose the 1.5hrs or the 4 hrs. For any teams that enjoyed our Hunua outdoor training – you will really love this we promise.

If anyone wants any help with navigation please email Alan (alan@truewoman.co.nz) or Claire (claire@truewoman.co.nz)  and they can spend a bit of time helping you out, before you pit your wits against Riverhead forest.

Our next training will be in October – and we’ll have more info out for you next month.

Feel free to leave some comments or feedback below!