Next Outdoor Training Session – Aug 26th

We’ve got something a little bit different for this outdoor training… read on to find out …

For the last 3 trainings we’ve been at Totara and Hunua. They were based in the country-side, there was a bit of mud, some streams, hills and bush. This time around we have none of that.

2 of the previous trainings were ‘rogaine’ style – You get a map of the area, there’s check points on the map and you have a certain amount of time to collect as many check points as you can. All the check points are worth a score and the highest score wins. The close by and easy to find check points are worth a low score and the harder to find, further away ones are worth more  points. So there’s a bit of strategy involved too.

So what’s different this time?

1. It’s close by – so close in fact, all you need to do is arrive at the gym at 8:30am on the 26th

2. It’s an urban rogaine – so all around Manukau city. It’s through the streets and parks – so you’ll have a home turf advantage (mind you everyone else will too)

3. There’s no mud, no hills and no travelling involved

4. There’s 2 options – 90 minutes for the anyone up for the challenge and 45 mins for anyone who hasn’t tried before

The short version will be perfect for the kids, or if you just want to give it a go. If you’ve done some of the other sessions don’t be fooled if you think the layout sounds a bit easy. As with all these sessions we’re catering for all fitness levels.

As with the other sessions, you can invite friends, partners, husbands…whoever to come along and join in.

Register at the gym or send us an email with your details

If you want to have a look at the map – it’s here – it doesn’t have the checkpoints on it yet tho!