Making ….Fitness Fun..

Last weekend we had 3 groups go from the club to 3 different events. There was a Tough Guy race on Saturday that personal trainer Frances and her crew went to. On Sunday Nicki, Josie, Rochelle and co. went to the second Tough Guy race at Wood Hill. On Sunday also, the second outdoor training session was at Hunua with Alan and Claire.

Here’s a write up from Rochelle about their day at Tough Guy.

“Mud, Mud and more Mud.. On Sunday I spent most of my morning waist deep in thick, stinky mud it was so much fun! I convinced a group of ‘True” ladies that I used to personal train with to join me in getting down and dirty at the Toughest girl & guy challenge dressed as cave woman. We had such a great time. The sun was shining, we laughed the whole time and helped each other out when we got stuck in the mud. If we weren’t running fast enough Nicki was right behind us waving her club. We were having so much fun it didn’t even feel like we did a 6km race. Overall it was a fantastic day and everyone loved the muddy experience. To top it all off we won best costume. ”


Why are events like these becoming so popular? Since we started going to the Tough Guy event 5 years ago it’s grown from 1 event with a few “crazy” people in Rotorua to this year – the biggest so far – 6 events around the country and 1000’s of people taking part.

We think the main reason is,

People at the gym are finding more ways to keep themselves motivated. You can only do so many reps of the bicep curl or run on the treadmill for so long before you get a little bored…People know they need to exercise and exercise should be enjoyable – not a slog! Events like these make fitness fun.

We find this a lot as health professionals …clients come to us to lose weight or tone up. As goals for their own sake they’re ..ok…but they’ll only keep you going for so long. But if you have a goal that’s kind of fun or a bit outside your “norm” it’ll keep you motivated for much much longer. As Rochelle said (above) “We were having so much fun it didn’t even feel like we did a 6km race“. The sense of achievement you get from completing events like this and the social aspect ….all while having fun is most definitely a winning combination.

If you want the weight loss…or the toned body – or just stay motivated our advice is…find some thing that floats your boat. It could be anything from group fitness classes to Tough Guy or anything in between, but if you dont give it a go – you’ll never know!

Join in to our next fun event on July 29th – at Hunua.

If you haven’t registered email us at getfit@truewoman.co.nz , if you have registered then more info will be emailed out soon