Learn to Run

[h3 fancy=”true”]”Learn to Run” – Running Clinic for Intermediate Runners[/h3]

Learn to run - Running Clinic for Beginners


This is the last run clinic for 2013. If you’ve been running and want to knock out 10kms before Christmas – Join up now.

This clinic is for intermediate runners and you need to be able to run 40-50 minutes comfortably as we’ll be concentrating on speed and distance over the next 6 weeks.

(if you’ve never run before – keep an eye out for beginners clinics next year)



Regular running or jogging offers many health benefits.

Running can:

  • Help to build strong bones, as it is a weight bearing exercise
  • Strengthen muscles
  • Improve cardiovascular fitness
  • Burn plenty of kilojoules
  • Help maintain a healthy weight

You’ ve probably heard about all these benefits before. You may have even heard about all the others, as there are many….You’ve always wanted to give it a go, but have never had the opportunity.

Now’s your chance.

If you’ve never run before or if you’ve run a little bit and you really want to learn to run, we can show you how.

We’ll teach you things like….

  • Correct running technique
  • Breathing technique
  • Keeping motivated
  • Injury prevention ….and more

Here’s the info

  • The running clinic is 6 weeks long
  • It starts 30th October
  • There will be 2 sessions per week
  • The first day is Wednesdays at 6:00am with a variety of run locations (more details to follow)
  • The second day is Fridays at 6:00am in Totara park
  • The cost is $120 per person


Book your space on the running clinic now, by emailing us: here