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    Motivation Workshop – “Getting rid of negative thoughts”



Motivation Workshop – “Getting rid of negative thoughts”

[h2]Are negative thoughts getting in the way of you reaching your fitness and weight loss goals?[/h2]


[h3]Do you have excessively negative thoughts like this:[/h3]
About yourself – “I’m never good at new things” or “I always give up”
About others – “No one will be patient with me” or “No one will help me” or “No one will like me ”
About the future – “It won’t get any better, so why should I try?”

Do you find that these irrational/unfounded/unhelpful or negative thoughts about yourself and your life get in the way of you doing the things you value and really want to do?
Like ….. making the most of your exercise and wellness plans!

This cognitive behaviour change (CBC) workshop consists of six weekly meet-up discussions. Think of the CBC workshop as a bit of exploring “what makes you tick” – identifying your goals, keeping your thoughts positive, and tackling the unhelpful thoughts. It will be in a group format, focussed on holistic well-being, and will not involve individual “sessions”.

If you have no problems with thinking low of yourself, negative thoughts about your abilities, or the chance that things can get better, this course may not offer you much benefit.

Then again, have you ever had a good look at your thought patterns and compared them to the “average” or even weighed up what their impact on you really is?


[h3]What’s involved during this work shop, and how it will benefit you[/h3]

Get Rid of Negative ThoughtsThe impact of negative thoughts (for most people) tends to be less activity, less social contact, less happiness or pleasure, less energy, less motivation, less brave attempts at something new, less success and, as a result, less likelihood of trying in the future or feeling good about yourself. Negative beliefs can become a self-fulfilling prophecy.

This pattern is what we will process in group work, identifying thoughts and their impacts, and then challenging unhelpful cognitions. The idea is to move towards realistic, benign, or simply helpful ways of thinking. It ends up being a lot of work on attitudes towards self (your worth, ability, and hope).

This course can help you find and change negative thoughts (and irrational, unfounded or unhelpful thoughts) about yourself and your life that get in the way of doing the things you value and really want to do. Succeeding with your health and well being is one of them! It can also help to improve your sense of self, getting along with others, and possibly even your view of the future. It is very likely to help you find out in what ways you might be overly tough on yourself, and encourage you instead to appreciate, assist, and look after YOU.

There will be regular worksheets to use, they guide you to take a structured approach to identifying, challenging, and replacing negative thoughts and cognitions. You will learn straightforward ways of doing this. You complete worksheets in the group and have take-home sheets to do in-between meetings. Some activities will become a part of the “choices and changes” you decide to make as well. So, you may choose to do some things you are comfortable with – e.g., try an activity, talk with a person, ask someone in your life to support, remind or challenge you. Being prepared to try these things out will help you make more positive change possible.

[h3]What’s not involved…[/h3]

Attendees will need to be willing and able to talk about thoughts and feelings in front of others. The focus will be more on here and now events, so no serious childhood problems, traumatic events, or significant emotional disturbance is covered in a group like this (hopefully this helps people know they can feel safe). Of course these problems are important issues to seek help for, but in a different setting. i.e., this course will not cover those sorts of issues.

[h3]When does the workshop start?[/h3]

The workshop will comprise of 6 weekly meetings on Saturdays from 10:30am – 12:00pm starting on November 2nd.

Topics covered each week are:

  • Nov 9: Introduction to CBC
  • Nov 16: The A-B-C Model
  • Nov 30: Cognitive Bias
  • Dec 7: Practice Cognitive Challenges
  • Dec 14: Self Affirmations
  • Date TBC: How to keep doing this for yourself
[h3]Who is hosting the workshop?[/h3]

Dr Melanie Stapelberg is a clinical psychologist working at Waitemata DHB and in private practice here in Auckland. She has over 12 years experience in therapy and teaching at Uni’s and she works hard to make the basic principles of psychology understandable and effective, explaining what she does and why. Melanie most often works with clients who have anxiety and depression and she uses primarily CBT as this treatment model has the most evidence for being effective.

Melanie enjoys exercising and loves getting out of “work mode” at the end of the day by putting on a pair of Nike Airs and going for a run. She is also a keen True gym member and you’ll have seen her in Pump and Combat classes. 

[h3]This workshop is free for members[/h3]

There are only 10 spaces available on this workshop and if you would like to be part of this please contact us here