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    Escape Your Weight

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Lose weight and stay motivated

  • Do you know about “good” food plans and what “healthy” diets are, but you just can’t stick to them?
  • Do you try over and over to lose weight, but never quite make it?
  • Do you fret over food and starve yourself to lose weight, only to fall off the wagon and put all your weight back on again?
  • Do you ban yourself from “forbidden foods”, only to crave them more and more, until you eventually give it all up!
  • Are you stuck permanently on a hamster wheel of “diets”, but achieving no success?

If you answered “Yes” to any of these questions then “Escape your Weight” will help you.



Many women go through life searching for weight loss, but it always seems to be just out of reach. Maybe, that’s you? Maybe you know how your healthy food plan for weight loss should look, but you lack the motivation to stick to it! Maybe, you’ve never actually gotten round to starting. More than likely this is because you’ve never tackled the underlying issues!

“Escape Your Weight” is all about getting into the right ‘head space’.  It’s about finding out what’s really important to you and sticking to your plans ~ whether that’s being more motivated to see a “diet” through to the end, or staying on the path to a healthier lifestyle (without beating yourself up when you fall off). It’s about digging beneath the surface of your health, well-being and weight loss goals and making them really work for you.


[h4 fancy = “true”]What’s Covered?[/h4]

Lose weight and stay motivated with any diet planEscape Your Weight is a 6 Week Course and covers all these topics

  1. Practical tips on how to resist urges and cravings for “unhealthy” foods
  2. How to create the tipping point to motivate yourself to do the things you need to do, to either 1) get started on, or 2) continue achieving, your goals
  3. How to motivate yourself long-term and maintain your weight and fitness goals
  4. How the “Choice Point Model” can help you bridge the gap between what you would like to do versus what you actually do
  5. Develop an individual 5 step plan for yourself
  6. Revise strategies & gain trouble shooting tips for the future
This stuff is rocket science, but it is delivered by Dr. Jutta Humpfer in a way that is relaxed, social, engaging and fun!


If you need to know more about what to eat to lose weight see  “True Nutrition

Next Escape Your Weight intake is in September ’14. Date TBC.

[h4 fancy = “true”]Details[/h4]
  • 6 Week Program
  • 6 x 1hr weekly meetings
  • Tuesdays at 6:00pm
  • Get into the right “head space”, and stay there!
  • Members price – $120
  • Non-Members prices – $180
  • Non-members price including 6 week gym membership $372


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