Womens only boxing at True

Woman’s Only Boxing at True

Boxing is rated as one of the best forms of exercise because it conditions the whole body. It builds strength, endurance, balance, agility and coordination at the same time. However, stress relief and the weight loss benefits top the list for regular attendees. A boxing class can not only burn through your day’s stresses, but also 350 – 500 calories in just one session.

Now open for casual bookings

  • Tuesdays at 6.30pm
  • Members – $10 per session (or buy 5 get one for free)


  • Non-members – $12 per session
  • Or use your group fitness concession card – 10 classes for $100


As part of a Boxing at True you will have:

  • 1 x 60min sessions per week
  • Personal attention with our top coach Nikks Harris
  • Motivation and support from your trainer and team
  • Quality work-outs focusing on the correct technique and intensity
  • A stress relieving, high intensity workout that focuses on your results


More about boxing at True

These classes help all participants gain a sense of inner strength and confidence. They help you de-stress and so you will feel better in your body and have peace of mind as well.

Positive results await you in boxing training. You will enjoy a physically fit body that will keep you in better shape. You will learn new skills as you jab, cross, uppercut and hook your way to fitness.