5 ways to get fit for summer

It’s that time of year again, the sun is most definitely out of hibernation and you’re thinking about your ‘summer body”. We believe consistency is the key to success, so if you’ve been sticking to your routine over the winter – give yourself a massive pat on the back and keep up the good work.

If you’ve been a bit …hmmm…slack and have been having a “rest” over winter, and you’re wondering how to get fit for summer, read on….

Here are 5 simple and easy steps, they’re not rocket science, but, you do actually have to do them.

Get fit for summer v11. Create a Plan.

Here’s the hard word!….You won’t get fit for summer by procrastinating on your goal. Sit down for at least 10 minutes and write out a routine. This should be your first point of reference to go by from day one. Include an exercise plan, some healthier dietary changes, and some specific goals in your plan.

A point about specific goals – you are far more likely to succeed if you use ‘action’ based goals not weight based goals, for example write down “I will attend 3 6:00am classes – Mondays, Wednesday and Fridays for 12 weeks”. – Set your alarm and make it happen. It’s easy, you will make it happen and you will succeed! And the whole weight loss thing will happen by itself

Get fit for summer v22. Follow Through

Make sure you follow your plan. Sounds obvious…but it’s true. Put the actions into place so that you can follow through – like setting the alarm in the example above. By the way – Following through on the plan will suck for the first few days, but give it a chance. Soon you’ll be seeing results and looking forward to every day.


Get fit for summer v33. Work It!

Once your plan is all set, begin on your exercises. Go easy to start, get you’re your body used to working out again, but don’t forget to turn up the volume! (in technical terms…”work-out to intensity”…. lots of sweating and huffing and puffing will soon get you in shape). Do a mixture of cardio and weights. When you’re using weights, make sure you are using the correct technique. If you’re unsure book a reassessment with your trainer (reassessments are free for members of True).


Get fit for summer v4


4. Learn

You have to accept that if you want to be a healthy weight you need to learn to eat healthy. Find the right plan for you. See your trainer for an eating plan, if you need to.




Get fit for summer v5

5. Confidence is the Key

After you are beginning to lose weight and maybe gain some muscle, you will start to feel confident with your body. Celebrate the small changes (successes) – buy that new top or book yourself a manicure. Stick to the plan, challenge yourself and then reward yourself when you succeed – soon you’ll find yourself on an upward spiral.

An important note: If for some reason you can’t stick to the plan…Don’t, don’t, don’t beat yourself up about it!!! Amend the plan, make it easier, make it more realistic, whatever you do…..just start again



  • Book a reassessment – they’re free for members at True (to do this give us a call – 09 262 0055)
  • Eat a good breakfast. A super breakfast is porridge. It really is so filling and great for you.
  • Smile and be happy! If you think it’s too hard or you can’t do it, or you’re feeling a bit down in the dumps….just think of all the people in the world would give anything to have what you have….


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