29th July outdoor training

Outdoor Session 3The weather was our friend as we made our way out to Hunua for our 3rd outdoor training session. Having seen the forecast it was due to rain heavily, but as the teams started to organise themselves it was fine and stayed like that all morning. At about 8:45 we held our safety briefing and everyone was organised and ready to rock n roll at 9.

Each team had a map with 30 check points on it and they had 3 hours to find as many as they could. At 9am all the teams set off at different speeds and in different directions, all were confident that they had chosen the best route to take. About half the teams opted to do the shorter loop first, this brought them along the “Suspension bridge track” and out across the Wairoa dam.  They collected the points along the track and then made their way over to the other side of the valley.

In the mean time the other teams had opted to cover the eastern side of the valley first. This brought them to their first “high” pointer. (Higher points mean that the check point is harder to find). All but 2 teams struggled to find the 80 pointer, it being about 150m along a very old and disused track. The main trouble was that the start of the track was difficult to find….mind you the rest of the track was hard to follow as well, with lots of pushing through undergrowth and over fallen trees.

Most of the teams that had gone past number 80 found themselves on the “Repeater Ridge road”, a stretch of gravel road about 3kms long that looks down onto the Mangatawhiri reservoir. There were quite a few of higher scoring points along this road with our day’s winners and runners-up collecting the majority. There was a small map change that did stump at least one team, who found the addition of a logging track that wasn’t on the map a bit testing!…but that’s all part of the fun!

The last section for most teams was the most rugged and most fun! The route brought them off the beaten track, literally, and into the bush. This was the old track down off the ridge but parts of it have slipped away over the years and it was closed by DOC some time ago. There was about 500m down hill through overgrown vegetation, round twists and turns, over a small stream then on to the main stream where the highest scoring checkpoint of the day waited.

At around 11:55 all but 2 teams had arrived back at the car park having successfully negotiated the course. Their last assignment of the day was to find the bonus check point at the bottom of a water fall, all teams found it and were home a hosed by 12.

Our winners on the day were mother and daughter team Donna and Christine, who come home with a very impressive 1350 points from 1500 available. The managed to collect all but 3 check points. Our runners up were Tania (who you’ll know from front of house), her husband Brian (from Sorensen Signs who made our very nice road sign on Ronwood Ave) and Josie (who everyone knows from Combat, and other fun activities!). They finished with a very respectable 1110 points.

So well-done to all the adventurers who attended – thanks for coming along, we hope you all had a blast. We’ll have more to come, so see you next time….